Do you love your children's artwork but hate the clutter it creates? As a little sideline from the photography I have recently been accepting commissions to transform drawings, paintings and scribblings into bright, modern illustrations that belong on the walls, not just on the fridge.

This is something I have always done with my own children's artwork, and it has been very popular (I hope) when given to family as prints, canvases, cards and more. If your children are as prolific as mine in the drawing and writing departments there is also the option of compiling a book.

The process is simple, and you do not need to live near me to make use of this service.


Contact me on to register your interest. I will set up a personal upload link for you and send you the details.


Scan or photograph your child's artwork. If you are photographing, remove any frame first (especially if it has glass in it, to avoid reflections), lay the artwork flat in a well-lit area and photograph it from directly above, making sure that the camera doesn't cast a shadow on the artwork. If you are scanning, please do so at 300dpi or higher.


Upload the original (full size) photos or scans to the link I have given you, and email me to let me know they are ready. If there is likely to be a significant amount of work involved I will take a small deposit at this point.


I simplify the lines, brighten the colours and even out the background to create a slightly stylised, more polished version of the original which can then be returned to you as a print ready for framing, or used to create personalised greeting cards, homewares, books – the sky is the limit. I can also combine multiple drawings into a single artwork, or produce a set of artworks designed to be used together, with matching sizes and colours to create a cohesive look.


Sit back and enjoy your beautiful and unique new wall art.

The investment

Print prices start from less than £5; jpegs are available at £25 each with deep discounts for large orders. If you are interested in cards, framed prints, wall hangings or books please contact me for a personalised quote.

More samples of my work, including before and after photos, will be added to this page shortly.

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